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Blocko - Privacy
Blocko - Privacy
Blocko - Privacy
Blocko - Privacy
Blocko - Privacy
Blocko - Privacy
Blocko - Privacy
Blocko - Privacy

Blocko - Privacy



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Product Description

Blocko - Privacy provides an enhanced atmosphere of comfort and security for any workspace. It is equipped with sound absorbing walls, a safety glass partition with an acoustical ring, a disinfecting light, anti-fingerprint technology, and electrical power and USB ports. Blocko - Privacy ensures a peaceful and private haven for any user.


Four Person
83.86" W x 43.31" D x 84.25" H
Table: 41.85" W x 22.05" D x 32.95" H
Seat: 21.69" H

Six Person
83.86" W x 59.06" D x 84.25" H
Table: 57.6" W x 25.98" D x 32.95" H
Seat: 21.69" H

0.2" thick safety glass

COL/COM Consumption

Available upon request


Natural Wood or FENIX laminate
Stainless steel thresholds
Height-adjustable legs

Exterior Shell: Slalom ECOfelt or Natural Wool
Interior Shell: Slalom ECOfelt
Floor: Anker AERA
Legs: Adjustable
Threshold: Stainless Steel (qty 2)
Table: FENIX anti-fingerprint laminate
Power Socket and USB Charging-ports

Lighting: Spectral Blue Disinfecting Light


Quiet Mark.

Spectral Blue is the world’s most advanced system for indoor surface disinfection. The unique technology is based on safe, natural blue light, and has none of the risks associated with legacy disinfection methods such as ultraviolet light and chemicals.

The design of BlockO is patented but for the finishings only sky’s the limit. We only use the high-class materials, such as FENIX laminates, Slalom ECOfelts, Gabriel fabrics and natural wood. Discover the large scale of colors and find out what suits best for your interior.

BlockO warranties that purchased product(s) will be free from manufacturer’s defects in material and workmanship for a period of 5 years. The warranty does not cover defects or damages directly or indirectly caused by misuse, poor maintenance, violence or tampering for a period of 5 years.


A Perfect Circle

Blocko is the perfect solution for businesses looking to create a space for break out meetings or quiet work sessions. This acoustical semi-private booth provides a peaceful environment for teams to collaborate and brainstorm without distractions.

Blocko is a cutting-edge solution that combines form and function, providing a space for break out meetings that is both stylish and effective. With its acoustical properties, power outlets and USB ports, and blue light disinfecting technology, Blocko is the perfect choice for businesses looking to enhance their office space and boost their team's productivity.

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