Terms of Service


Orders are not accepted until a written Sales Order confirmation has been issued by Anthom Design House.


Lead times noted are estimated and do not guarantee exact delivery. We do our best to delivery accurate and precise information, however there are forces that can arise that are out of Anthoms control, such as custom clearance delays, production timing, weather, or a number of other occurrences.


Changes made to orders more than 24 hours after receipt of the Sales Order confirmation may impact both delivery time and price. Changes are not guaranteed.


Anthom Design House may discontinue products, update pricing and lead-times without notice.


Production lead time only begins once the Customers Own Material has been received by the manufacturing production facility. To provide quicker response time, please send us the tracking number.

You are obligated to fill out and return the COM | COL FORM. The form MUST be completed and returned to orders@anthomdesignhouse.com and a copy MUST BE ENCLOSED WITH THE MATERIAL sent to the production address. Any orders that do not have the enclosed form will be returned and/or discard and will cause delay in production.


Cancellations are not accepted after 24 hours of an order being placed. An order is deemed submitted based on the time stamp on the Order Confirmation email. RETURNS Returns are not accepted.


Payment terms are listed on each individual Sales Order confirmation. We will alert you when your order is available for pick-up and payment terms will commence from that date.


Unless otherwise notified via email, Anthom Design House offers a 5-25 year warranty against manufacturing and construction defects. Exact warranty information can be found on each product page. Defects and deficiencies in and damage to materials, covers and finishing as well as damage caused by inappropriate use and the like are not covered by the warranty. The warranty does not cover leather, fabrics or other materials ordered separately by the customer.


Anthom Design House offers local delivery service which is quoted prior to placing your order. Please contact orders@anthomdesignhouse.com to obtain a shipping quote to your final destination.

Delivery terms are ("Delivery At Place"). The estimated week of dispatch is listed on each Sales Order Confirmation and is an estimated ETA. Anthom Design House assumes no liability for direct or indirect losses attributable to delayed dispatch, and delayed dispatch will not entitle the Buyer to cancel the order. If a confirmed dispatch is postponed at the Buyers request, Anthom Design House reserves the right to invoice the total order amount on the originally agreed date of dispatch.

Upon delivery, please immediately inspect your furniture and share any concerns you may have with your delivery team.

You have the right to refuse delivery if the item arrives damaged or if you fear the item might be damaged based on the packaging conditions. You must make any claims for damage, shortage, or errors within 24 hours of delivery and must include photos of the product and its carton. All damage must be noted on the POD. If no claim is made within this 24-hour period, furniture will be considered fully accepted.


They say it takes a village but in our case it takes continent! Anthom was created as a service engine, allowing European brands a path into the American market. Our understanding that service is above all, enables us to offer exceptional pieces from Europe packaged with the best service in the industry.

We have a closer and more collaborative relationship with the brands we partner with. Here are a few key points that differentiate our approach:

  1. Partnership: We form partnerships with brands rather than a straightforward buyer-seller relationship. This partnership involves shared goals, strategies, and decision-making.
  2. Transparency: We openly share information and collaborate closely with our partners. This includes sharing sales data, strategies, marketing plans, and other insights.
  3. Subsidiary Role: By acting as a brand's subsidiary in the North American market, we are responsible for a wide range of activities, such as sales, marketing, distribution, and customer support. This could involve taking on more significant responsibilities than a
    traditional distributor.
  4. Market Expertise: We have in-depth knowledge of the North American market This expertise helps us make informed decisions and tailor strategies for local markets.
  5. Brand Representation: We represent the brands in the North American market, becoming the face of these brands to customers in the region.

We are the direct purchase point for Contract Dealers in North America offering the direct-purchase discounting and local freight services, making ancillary pieces affordable and accessible to multiple budgets.

Buying direct through Anthom IS buying direct from the manufacturer.

Our Residential market is served through a strong network of Retail Partners in North America. Our partners display our wide collections on their showroom floors to service our end-user and residential-trade market.