Wick Chair - Wood Legs

Wick Chair - Wood Legs
Wick Chair - Wood Legs
Wick Chair - Wood Legs
Wick Chair - Wood Legs
Wick Chair - Wood Legs
Wick Chair - Wood Legs

Wick Chair - Wood Legs

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Designer Jesper Stahl + Karl Malmvall

Product Description

Wick chair is a modular shell chair inspired by traditional Swedish wood-chip baskets. An ergonomic all round chair with several different options to customize it for home, offices, conference centers and hotels.


22"W x 20"D x 31"H
Seat: 17.32"H


Seat: Form pressed ash/oak veneer.
Legs: Chrome plated steel tubing.

The intention was never to produce a basket but the item that the designers presented explains the origins of the Wick Chair and the values that it conveys. The wood-chip basket is the sort that we recognized from Swedish artist Carl Larsson's romantic watercolor of his daughter Brita which has become emblematic of what Christmas is supposed to look like in Sweden. At the time that it was painted it was a modern interpretation of tradition. That the Wick Chair is plaited in similar fashion to the wood-chip basket signals the design tradition from which it springs, but the plaiting can equally be seen as an aspect of the designers' elegant solution to a difficult practical problem.

One positive effect of the interweaving is that at the point where the pieces of wood lock each other they can be glued on both sides. True, Jesper Ståhl and Karl Malmvall had simplified the shape to its absolute essence so that the Wick Chair only has one interwoven element on each side, but the shape has many intentional functional aspects. It is the trials and the insights that follow that have made working with laminated wood so rewarding.

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