GRID System

Legos for Architects.

GRID is an adaptable, durable, and elegant architectural interior system that conquers the challenges of any space.  The adaptability of GRID gives its user the freedom to design a cohesive interior system with multiple functions; perfect for hotels, offices, showrooms, stores, restaurants, museums, galleries, exhibitions, events and everywhere else. The lightweight GRID modules, available in black, grey or white, are the building blocks of the system. 

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GRID is a simple system but we make it even simpler by taking your conceptual drawings, sketches or inspirational images and transforming them into usable areas using GRID. Anthom is equipped to help you through the design, delivery and installation of your unique project.

GRID can help you solve your architectural challenges. Use GRID as a room divider, a chair, a table, a stage, a retail display or any area that calls for a flexible, one-of-a-kind solution. Anthom helps you through the design process by creating 3D renderings based on your conceptual drawing through delivery and installation. Your GRID designs can be rearranged at any time, just like Legos, no two projects are the same.

Re-Use. Re-Cycle. Re-Configure

GRID is not just a shelf, chair, partition or conventional piece of furniture. It is a structure not limited by its frame. A flexible structure for creating new spaces, figures and functions.

The GRID Cube

The lightweight GRID module, made from Nylon (PA6) reinforced with glass fibre, moulded in one piece, is the building blocks of the system. A perfect cube measuring 15.75” x 15.75” x 15.75”, weighing 1.7lbs, engineered to hold up to 2000lbs.

Lego-Like Components

Customise your design using other GRID components and combine multiple functions in the same unit. When new needs arise, existing components can be removed and new functions can be added and adapted for a new design.

Easy Installation

All GRID projects deliver in pre-assembled sections, making install time quick, easy and affordable. Typical installation time ranges from 0-8 hours depending on the size of your project. Some come ready to place!

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