Sand Secrets - Plate

Sand Secrets - Plate
Sand Secrets - Plate
Sand Secrets - Plate
Sand Secrets - Plate
Sand Secrets - Plate

Sand Secrets - Plate

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Product Description

Swedish designer Carina Seth Andersson expands her Sand series of stoneware with a sauce jar, a tea pot, and two canisters in different sizes. Let the lid hide secret fragrances and wonders for the table: present them as secrets of the chef while keeping the culinary surprises hot or cold.


7.9”L × 4.7”W × 0.6”H


High-fired stoneware, unglazed outside and matte glazed inside.

The table is a stage for culinary events. Saucers, bowls, cutlery, dishes, pans, vases, guests, candles: they all form part of a scenography that let the food shine in all its glory. And the stage, be it at home or in a restaurant, requires dramaturgy. Not everything revealed at the same moment, but secrets exposed one after another. Lift the lid to present flavor and fragrances retained within along with vitamins and healthy nutrients. Keep the food warm or cold, according to taste.

Carina Seth Andersson has once again managed to balance perfection and particularity in her new additions to Sand, her series of stoneware originally conceived for Nationalmuseum in Stockholm.
The different objects are abstract yet familiar, alluding to age-old traditions refined to perfection. "There is a moment of surprise when you lift the lid," says Carina Seth Andersson. "The secrets of the chef unveiled! Together these earthenware objects will create a whole little landscape on the table." The trend to bring forward a multitude of different dishes for the table certainly does require the stage be set with a variety of vessels. Glazed on the inside, raw but softly polished on the exterior, the three black and clay-colored earthenware canisters are available in three different sizes.

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